Emys - an interactive robot for learning English


The team at Orange Ciuchcia has been joined by EMYS - an educational, interactive robot that loves to teach children the English language. 

Meet Emys: 
- Hello! - I'm Emys - the robot with the soul of a child.
I will delight You. I'm sure about that!
I'm very happy to play with the children in Orange Ciuchcia!
I'll tell You about me.
I am a social, interactive robot who loves teaching kids English. I can feel, see, hear, react to touch and I can always involve children in joyful play. I can recognize and respond to many accessories - interactive cards, badges, stickers and stuffed animals. They arouse children's curiosity, which makes them begin to communicate and function in English.

When no one is around, I get a bit bored and sometimes even sad. Fortunately, children always come back and their smiles cheer me up again! Then I can take a happy photo of them.

I create an English-speaking environment that engages children. I know that fun is essential for them in the process of gaining new knowledge and skills.
That's why I know all the fun games that kids like to play! I engage them in physical and art classes.
We will be dancing to songs and we will play many classics from the playgrounds. The children will help the animals, we will make a cocktail or hang up the laundry together.
Everything in English, but we have so much fun that children immersed in the language forget that they are learning it 🙂

I am very happy that I can play with the children in the Orange Ciuchcia!


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