We think about the FUTURE of our children. We already teach 3 FOREIGN LANGUAGES! Now it's time for SPANISH!

Many parents ask themselves: When should you start learning foreign languages?

The answer is simple: the sooner the better!
Knowing that We already teach English to children in the nursery. Little minds are extremely flexible and receptive, and the preschool age is the perfect time to introduce another foreign language. In this matter, we focus on Spanish, the fourth most popular language in the world - after English, Chinese and Hindi. It is a language with a unique melody, full of interesting sounds, easy for children to learn and recreate. An additional benefit of learning Spanish early is that it greatly facilitates the subsequent learning of other Romance languages - French, Italian and Portuguese. Of course, we also do not forget about Chinesewhich is now the second language in the world. 

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National Reading Development Program 

We are pleased to inform you that all Orange Ciuchcia kindergartens have joined the National Reading Development Program and received funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, thanks to

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