We teach English, Spanish and Chinese

Teaching foreign languages is one of the priorities of the Orange Ciuchcia Kindergartens.

We run classes English, Spanish and Chinese

Pre-school children have a natural ease with learning languages. They are curious about the world and open to learning new news. That is why in the Orange Ciuchcia we start learning foreign languages in a group of 2.5-year-olds. Thanks to this, the child has the opportunity to learn not only the foreign language itself, but is also able to easily acquire error-free pronunciation. This is because preschool children have exceptional imitative abilities and the most efficient articulation apparatus.

We attach great importance to the best selection of competent teachers and native speakers so that the child, imitating the teacher, will remember and learn the best pronunciation.

The teaching content is attractive and appropriately matched to the age group and language competences of our preschoolers. We use stories, dialogues, songs, poems, and sketches that are interesting for the child and encourage them to communicate in a foreign language.

In bilingual groups, we use linguistic immersion, i.e. surrounding the child with a second language and making him treat him as a natural way of communicating with people using the acquired language.

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