From the Bilingual Kindergarten
to the Bilingual School

Priority in Recruitment
to Gaudeamus Bilingual Schools

At Pomarańczowa Ciuchci, we surround children with warmth, immerse them in bilingual education, and take care of their comprehensive development. Additionally, we provide them with the opportunity to take a unique educational path in our GAUDEAMUS Bilingual Primary Schools

Graduates of Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia have priority in recruitment to Gaudeamus Schools. Due to the great interest in our schools, this is the only method that increases the chances of securing a place there.

We have been running Gaudeamus schools for over 12 years based on three pillars: JOY - LEARNING - PASSION. We believe that the most important thing in exploring the world is the JOY of the secret discovered and the goal achieved. We do everything to make LEARNING at our school the greatest adventure leading to exploring the world. We help students discover their PASSIONS, thanks to which they can enthusiastically pursue their goals.

Gaudeamus School

Innovative schools of the future

Gaudeamus Bilingual Schools is a unique place of education whose philosophy is to educate young people based on universal values such as respect, tolerance and openness. Our goal is to create an environment in which students develop self-awareness, empathy, independence of thought and the ability to act independently.

We particularly care about the ability to communicate freely in English, which gives students the opportunity to function in an international environment in the future.

As specialists, we make sure that our educational program is based on innovative teaching methods and optimally uses the potential of each student. That is why we carry out Formative Assessment at each educational stage.

We also invest in modern technologies by participating in the "Laboratories of the Future" program to develop future competences and prepare students for the challenges of a changing world.

What distinguishes Gaudeamus Bilingual Schools?

Bilingual education –
in Polish
and English

from the first grade

Multi-intelligent world exploration

Formative assessment

Modern Technologies

in respect
with care for relationships

Erasmus+ international exchanges

A wide range of extra-curricular activities

Fantastic staff

Modern buildings, professional studios

Our schools

Gaudeamus Bilingual Primary School
Bemowo ul. Lazurowa 67, Warsaw
tel. 733 363 303
Gaudeamus Bilingual Primary School
Józefosław Ul. Ogrodowa 20 b, Józefosław
tel. 690 999 126
Gaudeamus Home Education
tel. 300 200 309

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