The Orange Ciuchcia Nursery in Piastów is a place of a child's gentle entry into the world of kindergarten, where we take care of the youngest treasures aged 1.5-3 years with the utmost care.

It is a place where cordial, kind and experienced ladies will take care of every little one. Our children are happy and feel safe. In our nursery, we pay special attention to an individual approach to each child. We care about the child's development in every sphere, about its independence and social contacts. The first years of a toddler's life are crucial in the development of their personality and affect their further functioning in the world around them. We create the best conditions for our children to develop their own activity and we care for their intellectual development. We support babies and help in the care and educational process.


The nursery is located in a modern building. Our rooms are bright and colorful, equipped with many aids and teaching aids. An additional advantage is also an individual playground and own kitchen and dining room, serving delicious and fresh meals. Parents can be sure that ours nursery it will quickly become a second home for every little one.


We cordially invite you to visit our facility. The teaching staff employed here will be happy to answer all your questions and show you around the nursery. We also organize adaptation days, so that every toddler can get to know this place well before being left unattended by their parents.

For children who plan to start a nursery adventure, we offer FREE Adaptation classes for Mała Ciuchcia every Saturday between 10.00-12.00 (from September to June).

The nursery is open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

We enroll in the kindergarten all year round.

You're welcome.



Orange train Piastów


Magdalena Pawłowska

tel .: 505 064 505
email: piastow@pomaranczowa-ciuchcia.pl 


ul. Warszawska 43 (at the Ryszard Kaczorowski Roundabout)

05-820 Piastów

Opening hours:

Monday Friday      7:00 – 18:00