Prywatny żłobek Warszawa centrum

Nursery Orange Ciuchcia Centrum is a place for a child's gentle entry into the world of kindergarten, where we take care of our youngest treasures aged 1.5-3 years with the utmost care.

A secret the staff is a unique, warm, family atmosphere of our nursery - having appropriate qualifications to work with children of this age. They are smiling, cordial and sincerely loving children. When sadness occurs, they hug and support them when needed, check that the little ones are full, and sing the sweetest lullaby to sleep. Together with the little ones they dance to the rhythmics, they exercise bravely in gymnastics, and during art classes they help to create interesting work. Above all, however, they make every effort to ensure that children feel safe and secure in the nursery. 
In addition, a team of specialists watches over the comprehensive and proper development of our little ones: methodologist, methodologist of the English language, psychologist, speech therapist. Our team also includes a dietitian who makes sure that the little ones eat healthy food and, thanks to a varied, balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables, they have the opportunity to try new flavors.   

In our nursery, children experience joyful educational adventures every day, thanks to which they explore the world with all their senses. They have the opportunity to improve their independence, social skills and cooperation with their peers. In the nursery, they make their first friendships, learn to share toys, create something together with their friends. There are also carefree mischief and frolics. Every day, regardless of the weather, they bravely march to the playground, where there is no end to fun and joyful fun.

The great advantage of our nursery is everyday contact of children with the English language. As many as 5 times a week, the little ones take part in games led by an English teacher. Why is it so important? Scientists from the University of Minnesota proved that in the first years of life, the brain is the most receptive and plastic - it is during this period that neural connections are formed and strengthened. This is why many scientists indicates this time as the most appropriate time for language learning. 

Parents who entrust us with their greatest treasures can work in peace because they know that their children are in good hands and have optimal conditions for development. 

The Orange Ciuchcia Nursery is open from 7.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Number of entry in the nursery register: 165 / Z / 2014.



Orange Train Center

Director; Natalia Zawadzka

tel .: 690 900 233
Mobile phone.: 730 057 700
email: centrum@pomaranczowa-ciuchcia.pNS 


ul. Rondo ONZ 1,
00-124 Warsaw

Opening hours:

Monday Friday      7:30 – 18:00