Prywatny żłobek Bielany

The Orange Ciuchcia Nursery in Bielany is a place designed for the youngest. Every day we care for the well-being and safety of our little ones. We care about the child's development in every sphere, about its independence, emotional development and social contacts.

Children are looked after by warm, friendly, qualified staff who create a safe, home atmosphere. We strive to make each day full of adventures for the youngest. Babies can count on a unique atmosphere full of various attractions.

The great advantage of our nursery is daily contact with the English language. As many as 5 times a week, the little ones take part in games led by an English teacher. Why? 
Scientists from the University of Minnesota have proven that in the first years of life the brain it is the most absorbent and plastic - it is during this period that neural connections are formed and strengthened. This is why many scientists indicates this time as the most appropriate time for language learning.

The Bielany Nursery is situated in a convenient, safe location, away from busy streets. Our rooms are bright and colorful, equipped with ecological facilities. toys and teaching aids adapted to the age of children. An additional advantage is also an individual playground and its own kitchen and dining room, serving delicious and healthy meals.  

The nursery is open from 7.00 to 18.00. We accept children from 1.5 to 3 years of age.

We keep records all year round. 

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The Orange Bielany train

Director: Agnieszka Murawska

tel .: 690 997 933
Mobile phone.: 505 064 460


ul. Bajana 35, 01-904 Warsaw

Opening hours:

Monday Friday      7:00 – 18:00