Private Nursery Bemowo II

Orange Train Nursery in a kindergarten in Bemowo 2 is a place where we create the best conditions for the safe development of our children. Experienced, nice and warm ladies will take care of each toddler, hug him, show him the rules of living in a group. Our children are happy and feel safe. We take care of an individual approach to each child. We are aware that the period of up to 3 years of age in the development of a child is essential for his personality and influences his further functioning in the world around him - that is why we constantly strive to ensure that each of our charges is supported in the emotional and social sphere. A 2-year-old child is very absorbent, learns and remembers quickly. Our instructors of rhythmics, English language and gymnastics inspire children to explore the world and learn new skills. We create the best conditions for our children to develop their own activity and we care for their intellectual development. We support babies and help in the care and educational process.


Entry number in the nursery register: 164 / Z / 2014



Orange train, Bemowo II

Director: Iwona Bujnowska

tel. 660 416 200


ul. Kaliskiego 23B - entrance and car park from ul. Descartes, 01-476 Warsaw

Opening hours:

Monday Friday      7:00 – 18:00

Nursery in Bemowo Orange Train - an educational paradise for your child

Do you live in Warsaw and are you looking for a good private nursery for your child? Do you want your toddler to be surrounded by care and love and have the opportunity to develop and play in comfortable conditions?
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Nursery in Bemowo is a place where you can be sure that your child will develop perfectly under the supervision of qualified teaching staff. It is a great space to build the first social bonds, learn through play and shape the child's individual interests and abilities. In addition to experienced staff, the private nursery in Bemowo offers bright, spacious and modernly equipped rooms with functional furniture. The facility also has a unique, green garden and a playground for children, where the charges can enjoy the surrounding nature and play with their peers under the supervision of our staff.

In the Orange Ciuchcia Nursery in Bemowo, the pupils have the opportunity to participate in numerous additional activities, such as English, rhythmics, meetings with art, Zumba Kids, speech therapy, robotics or Little Einstein.

Private Nursery Warsaw Bemowo - modern educational methods

Private nursery Warsaw Bemowo is a place where we use modern educational methods that effectively support the intellectual, emotional, physical and social development of children. With us, each ward is treated individually, which allows them to develop their best features. We try not only to take care of the basic needs of children, but also to prepare them for further education.

One of our priorities is to make the learning process as attractive as possible for children. In connection with non-public kindergarten in Bemowo uses various methods when working with children, such as:

  • The method of "Education without failures" by T. Gordon;
  • Elements of the "Developing Movement" developed by W. Sherborne;
  • Elements of Educational Kinesiology by Paul Dennison;
  • Elements of Sensory Integration;
  • Finger-Painting technique developed by RF Show.

In addition, the non-public nursery Warszawa Bemowo is daily gymnastics, games with an animation scarf, art classes, meetings with music or fairytale therapy. In the Orange Train, your child will have the opportunity to acquire new skills in a friendly and safe atmosphere.

Private nursery in Bemowo - healthy and tasty meals

A private nursery in Bemowo, Orange Ciuchcia, is a place where special emphasis is placed on the conscious nutrition of children. We are well aware of how important it is to provide the right nutrients for the proper development of the youngest. That is why we serve healthy and tasty meals prepared only from high-quality products. The menu is prepared by specialists who make sure that the food is properly balanced, free of preservatives, unnecessary sugars and artificial colors. This allows us to compose meals that are not only delicious, but also healthy. Thanks to this, parents can be sure that they are leaving their child in good hands.

Bilingual nursery in Bemowo - effective English learning

The bilingual nursery in Bemowo, Orange Ciuchcia, is a unique place where children have the opportunity to learn two languages from an early age. And all this under the supervision of teachers with many years of experience, who are full of empathy and understanding for small children, and at the same time introduce children to the world of English with real passion. To make the teaching process as effective as possible, native speakers participate in all classes of our pupils. Thanks to this, joint learning and fun with teachers guarantees maximum effectiveness of the educational process. Dear Parent, see for yourself that private kindergarten in Bemowo is the perfect environment for your child's first adventures in learning.