Bilingual Kindergarten Orange Ciuchcia Piastów

What makes us unique?

  • Bilingual education - immersion in English

    The Piast kindergarten is a bilingual kindergarten. Two teachers work in each group: Polish and English. The English-speaking teacher communicates with children only in English. Thanks to this, they are immersed in English not only during didactic activities, but also during free games, meals and walks. The language immersion method gives amazing results in the form of not only fully understanding the language, but also speaking fluently by children.  

  • Family atmosphere

    The Piast kindergarten is a place with a family atmosphere, children feel good here and can discover the world with joy, develop their talents, gain knowledge and experience. Everything we do is created with our little pupils in mind, who are the greatest joy of this place.

  • Comprehensive development - an individual approach to each child

    The program we propose stimulates the comprehensive development of the child through play. The learning process brings excellent results because it is tailored to the children's abilities. All this thanks to the implementation of not only the standard didactic program, but also additional author's programs that affect the comprehensive development of every preschooler.

  • Warm, cordial staff

    The Orange Ciuchcia kindergarten in Piastów is made up of people - children, parents and teachers. The staff of our kindergarten are people with great hearts and great commitment. For them, working with the youngest is a passion and a calling. They are also educators with excellent qualifications, many years of experience and creativity.

Our location, housing conditions

  • Modern, inspiring spaces

    Kindergarten Piastów is located on the ground floor of the exclusive residential and service facility Rezydencja Warszawska. It is a facility of the highest standards. The kindergarten has comfortable, spacious, bright rooms equipped with ecological toys and teaching aids with certificates. Each of them has direct access to the bathroom. In addition, on the premises of the facility there is a room for physical and musical activities as well as special events. The kindergarten project was created from start to finish with children in mind.
    By the kindergarten. Parents have at their disposal a free, convenient parking lot. 

  • Own kitchen - healthy meals

    The Piast kindergarten has its own professionally equipped kitchen, where tasty, healthy, balanced meals are prepared. We also work with a dietitian, thanks to whom the daily menu is wholesome, and the meals are tasty and varied.

  • Own, green playground

    The Piast kindergarten has its own fenced playground, only 50 meters from the kindergarten. It is equipped with safe, certified toys, thanks to which the everyday time spent outdoors is active and joyful. Parking spaces located near the kindergarten guarantee comfort for parents.

    We enroll in the kindergarten all year round, subject to the availability of places.
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Orange train Piastów


Joanna Suwińska-Kopeć

tel .: 505 064 505
email: piastow@pomaranczowa-ciuchcia.pl 


ul. Warszawska 43 (at the Ryszard Kaczorowski Roundabout)

05-820 Piastów

Opening hours:

Monday Friday      7:00 – 18:00