Bilingual Orange Ciuchcia Kindergarten Italy


Why are we special?

  • Bilingual education

    The Italy kindergarten is a bilingual kindergarten. We are distinguished by the fact that the English-speaking teacher communicates only in English (with children, parents, the Polish-speaking teacher, the entire kindergarten staff). He doesn't use the Polish language. Thanks to this, children have constant contact with the English language not only during didactic activities, but also during everyday activities: meals, free games, and walks. As a result, children learn a foreign language completely naturally.

  • Happy childhood - comprehensive development

    Italy kindergarten is a place that makes childhood full of fantastic experiences. Our preschoolers, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, learn how to function in a group of peers - so that they feel important and appreciated. The program we propose stimulates the comprehensive development of the child. Every day we support the psychomotor, emotional and social intellectual development of our preschoolers. The learning process brings excellent results because it is adapted to children's abilities. The Italy kindergarten is, above all, wonderful fun for every child. It has long been proven that learning through play gives the best results. 

  • Smiling, professional staff

    Our staff consists of qualified teachers who every day try to enrich the knowledge of children and provide them with the best conditions for development. They are constantly trained and prepared to support the development of every child, including those who need more attention.

  • A rich package of extracurricular activities and inspiring attractions

    The Italy kindergarten creates optimal conditions for the comprehensive development of all children. We regularly organize various attractions - music concerts, theaters, trips and meetings with extraordinary people. We provide a rich package of extra-curricular activities, incl. judo, gymnastics, rhythmics, sports club, chess (for 6-year-olds) and optional classes, incl. Spanish, learning to play the piano, dancing, building with Lego bricks. It is these classes that often allow them to discover the true passions of children.

Location, housing conditions

  • Lovely location 

    Italy kindergarten is an atmospheric place surrounded by greenery. The area is dominated by low, residential buildings. In the vicinity, there is a beautiful Park with the Grouse Ponds. 

  • Own, large, green playground

    The Italy kindergarten has its own, spacious and safe playground, with lots of green trees, shrubs and blooming flowers in spring and summer. It is equipped with ecological, wooden toys. A huge advantage is the mini football pitch and outdoor chess. Every day our kindergartens spend their time there on joyful games. 

  • Convenient access - convenient parking 

    The Włochy kindergarten is perfectly connected with the center of Warsaw and its other districts. This applies to both public transport (bus, train station - Italy station), as well as driving. Our parents have at their disposal a convenient parking lot (entry from Popularna 35 Street). 

    Registration lasts all year, subject to availability.
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Orange Ciuchcia Italy


Justyna Kamińska-Żak

tel .: 22 863 27 45
Mobile phone.: 600 200 331
email: wlochy@pomaranczowa-ciuchcia.pl 


ul. Śląska 36
02-472 Warsaw

Opening hours:

Monday Friday      7:30 – 18:00