Bilingual Kindergarten Orange Ciuchcia Centrum

What makes us unique?

  • Bilingual education

    The Orange Ciuchcia Centrum kindergarten is a place that offers many possibilities. We run bilingual groups and groups with extended English. We are distinguished by the fact that the English-speaking teacher communicates only in English (with children, parents, the Polish-speaking teacher, the entire kindergarten staff). He doesn't use Polish. Thanks to this, children have constant contact with the English language not only during didactic activities, but also during everyday activities: meals, free games, and walks. As a result, children learn a foreign language completely naturally.

  • Modern technologies - learning English with the Emys robot

    Our preschoolers enjoy playing with Emys - a social, interactive robot that loves teaching English to children. Emys feels, sees, hears, reacts to touch and is always able to involve children in joyful play. Thanks to him, playing with the English language is a real fun.

  • A rich package of extracurricular activities and inspiring attractions

    The Centrum kindergarten creates optimal conditions for the comprehensive development of all children. We regularly organize various attractions - music concerts, theaters, trips and meetings with extraordinary people. We provide a rich package of extra-curricular activities, incl. judo, gymnastics, rhythmics, sports club, chess (for 6-year-olds) and optional classes, incl. Spanish, learning to play the piano, dancing, building with Lego bricks. 

  • A cordial, supportive atmosphere

    The Orange Ciuchcia Center is a warm, welcoming and open place. Parents can talk to the principal of the kindergarten, teachers and, if necessary, a kindergarten psychologist. 

  • Smiling, professional staff

    Parents who entrust us with their greatest treasures can be sure that professional staff will take care of them. Our ladies - warm, friendly and smiling - every day make every effort to ensure that preschoolers feel safe and special in kindergarten and develop wonderfully. 


Our location, housing conditions

  • A quiet corner in the heart of Warsaw

    Kindergarten Orange Ciuchcia Centrum, located in the heart of the capital, is a combination of modern interiors with the warmth and intimacy of a kindergarten retreat. In kindergarten, you can hear the noise of children's voices and the patter of little feet of children aged 1.5 to 6 years. There is a nursery for the youngest. Śródmieście is a perfect location not only for the residents of this area, but also for parents who work in the nearby office buildings.

  • Modern, inspiring interiors

    Our facility is located on the first floor of the Rondo 1 skyscraper. It is characterized by a high standard of interior design, and thanks to the technology used throughout the building, it uses a specialized air filtration system combined with humidification and ionization. In addition, unique antibacterial systems have been used here for the sake of the health of our children. The kindergarten and nursery downtown has 6 classrooms, 2 bathrooms, a cloakroom, kitchen rooms and a room for individual meetings.

  • Very convenient access by public transport

    The location of the kindergarten allows all parents working in the nearby skyscrapers to reach it comfortably, and a great communication point (metro, tram, bus, train) allows access from virtually any location of the city (convenient metro access). Thanks to this, the kindergarten in the center of Warsaw is an ideal solution for parents who want to stay with their children as long as possible, even on the way to work.

  • Own, green playground

    A unique advantage of our facility located in the city center is its own playground with direct access for the charges. It is equipped with wooden, ecological toys. There are green trees and bushes around the square. Our preschoolers use it with joy every day. 

    We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rich offer of the kindergarten during a meeting with the principal, available every day from 9.00-17.00.



Orange Train Center

Director; Natalia Zawadzka

Mobile phone.: 730 057 700
email: centrum@pomaranczowa-ciuchcia.pNS 


ul. Rondo ONZ 1,
00-124 Warsaw

Opening hours:

Monday Friday      7:30 – 18:00