Bilingual kindergarten Orange Ciuchcia Bielany

Bilingual Groups with Elements of Montessori Pedagogy


Why are we special?

  • Bilingual education

    From 2021, all our preschool groups have a bilingual profile. Each of them has two teachers: Polish and English. The English-speaking teacher communicates with children only in English. Thanks to this, they are immersed in English not only during didactic activities, but also during free games, meals and walks. The linguistic immersion method gives delightful results in the form of not only full understanding of the language, but also speaking fluently by children.

  • Elements of Montessori Pedagogy

    During everyday classes, we use elements of Maria Montessori's pedagogy - incl. silence lessons, classes in individual work corners, activities with aids such as fastening frames, mud kitchen and much more. 

  • Cordial, committed staff

    The Bielany Kindergarten is primarily a warm, committed, professional teaching staff that creates a home and safe atmosphere. High qualifications of employed teachers, specialists and instructors allow for the implementation of not only the standard educational program of the Ministry of National Education, but most of all own programs and projects. The children entrusted to us can count on a unique atmosphere filled with various educational attractions every day.

  • Upbringing based on Positive Discipline 

    The Bielany kindergarten pays great attention to the social and emotional development of preschoolers. Our teachers are practitioners of the valuable educational method "Positive Discipline". They always focus on the needs of the child and establish a good, full of understanding and support relationship with him.

  • Care of specialists

    For many years, the Bielany kindergarten has been cooperating with the best specialists with many years of experience: a speech therapist, psychologist, therapists, instructors of extracurricular and optional activities. 

  • Active, healthy lifestyle

    We promote an active, healthy lifestyle. That is why we provide children with outdoor activities every day, we invite them to physical activities: sports, dancing and judo.

  • Comprehensive development

    We care about the comprehensive development of our pupils. Children have the opportunity to participate in scientific, ceramic and art workshops, interesting theaters and concerts, as well as picnics and occasional performances for parents and grandparents. We offer a wide range of optional classes. 

  • Individual approach to each child

    The Bielany kindergarten is open to other people and has an individual approach to each child. Small groups and the division of children by age allow them to influence their development, according to their abilities and needs. This is what our kindergarten is like. Everything we do is created with our little pupils in mind, which is why they are so eager to visit our kindergarten. We are friends for future and current preschoolers, and a true friend is one who brings as much good and truth to the relationship as possible. "A true friend understands, not judges." These are the values of the Bielany Kindergarten and we stick to it. We hope to give children a solid foundation and give them the best possible start into the future.

  • Cooperation with parents

    In our kindergarten, we value cooperation with parents. We help each other, support each other, and work together to create the best possible conditions for our children. 


Our location, housing conditions

  • Convenient location, inspiring spaces

    Kindergarten Orange Ciuchcia Bielany is situated in a convenient location and a safe area, away from busy streets. It is located 200 m from the Chomicz Park, swimming pool and tennis courts. It is located in a modern building that meets all standards. Our bright and colorful rooms help us build a homely and at the same time creative atmosphere. They are equipped with a number of aids and teaching aids giving unlimited development opportunities.

  • Own kitchen - healthy, tasty meals

    We have our own kitchen and dining room, where we serve fresh, healthy and home-made dishes every day. We work with a dietitian who composes the menu, thanks to which the children eat wholesome, varied and balanced meals.

  • A large, green playground

    The Bielany kindergarten has its own tartan playground with certified equipment, wooden toys, and a separate ecological section. Green trees and shrubs create a charming microclimate. In the spring and summer, our preschoolers enjoy playing in the Montessori kitchen. 
  • Aesthetic interiors, toys with certificates

    The kindergarten is constantly refreshed and renovated, toys and teaching aids are replaced regularly. We make sure that they have the necessary approvals and certificates. Thanks to this, our preschoolers are surrounded by quality both in terms of education, upbringing and the standard of the immediate environment.

    We invite you to the best kindergarten in the world! 



The Orange Bielany train

Director: Katarzyna Skórzewska

tel .: 690 997 933
Mobile phone.: 505 064 460


ul. Bajana 35, 01-904 Warsaw

Opening hours:

Monday Friday      7:00 – 18:00