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Bilingual Kindergarten Orange Ciuchcia Pruszków

headmistress of the orange choo-choo Pruszków kindergarten

Kindergarten director - Marta Szałabaj-Szturma

Kindergarten staff - warm, cordial, committed

What makes us unique?

English in kindergarten orange clothes / bilingualism

Bilingual education - immersion in English for min. 80 hours a month

The Pruszków kindergarten attaches great importance to English-language education. We run bilingual groups and groups with extended English. We are distinguished by the fact that the English-speaking teacher communicates with children only in English. Thanks to this, they are immersed in English not only during didactic activities, but also during free games, meals and walks. The language immersion method gives amazing results in the form of not only fully understanding the language, but also speaking fluently by children. Children enjoy playing with the English-speaking robot Emys.

modern technologies/programming in kindergarten

Modern technologies - games in English with the EMYS ROBOT

Our preschoolers especially enjoy playing with Emys - an interactive robot who simply loves teaching English. Emys feels, sees, hears, reacts to touch and will always involve everyone in a joyful play. It makes learning English even more fun.

Education and upbringing at the highest level - cooperation with parents based on trust and respect

By entrusting us with their treasures, parents can be sure that they will be provided with care and education at the highest level. Our staff cares for the children - warm, nice and sympathetic people who make every effort to ensure that every child feels good with us. Thanks to high qualifications and experience, our teachers implement not only the standard educational program, but most of all their original, creative activities. Thanks to this, we influence the comprehensive development of children. It is also worth noting that small groups and age distribution of preschoolers allow us to see the individual needs and possibilities of each child. The Pruszków kindergarten is an open and family place. Every day, parents can use a tutor and headmaster. Parents can also benefit from individual consultations with our specialists.

Comprehensive development - a wide range of extracurricular activities

There is always something going on in the kindergarten - we organize concerts, theaters, meetings with interesting people, and we go on trips. We provide our preschoolers with comprehensive development thanks to a rich package of extra-curricular activities. Children can attend them voluntarily, in accordance with their interests and first passions that our Pruszków kindergarten allows to discover.

Friendly Adaptation

We attach great importance to preparing the little ones to start their adventure with our kindergarten. Therefore, parents and the youngest are invited to Saturday adaptation classes. Make the choice of a kindergarten not only a decision of adults, but most of all of the child. Acceptance of the environment and the toddler's sense of security is a priority issue. It is important for the future preschooler to like the place where he will spend most of his time. During the classes, we guarantee a lot of joy and smile during cheerful, comprehensively developing games.

Our location, housing conditions

Convenient location

Kindergarten Pruszków is located in Osiedle Sunhouse at ul. Gałczyńskiego 31, in the place where Piastów meets Pruszków, therefore it is an ideal solution for the inhabitants of both cities. Among our pupils there are also children from Ożarów. The kindergarten is located in a convenient place, "on the way" for those parents who travel outside their city to work every day.

Intimate, modern interiors

The Pruszków kindergarten is an intimate, atmospheric place with a warm, family atmosphere. It has bright, aesthetic classrooms equipped with the highest quality toys and teaching aids with certificates. All equipment and decorations have been arranged in such a way as to best influence children's senses and their comprehensive development.

Own, green playground

The Pruszków kindergarten has its own fenced and professionally equipped, safe playground. Every day, our preschoolers spend their time actively there, taking part in physical activities.

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Opening hours: 7:00-18:00

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Kindergarten in Pruszków - education at the highest level and convenient location

Are you looking for a unique place in Pruszków where your treasure will spread its wings and spend a nice time with peers? Do you care about the professional approach of the staff, interesting classes, great atmosphere and safety of your child? Bet on the Orange Choo-Choo Kindergarten in Pruszków. It is undoubtedly a facility that meets all the expectations of parents and their children.

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We provide children with the opportunity to participate in activities that develop imagination, creativity, manual and sports skills. Preschoolers take part in numerous, unique activities, such as rhythmics, chess, psychological and dance workshops or meetings with art, which not only enables comprehensive development, but also makes children eager to attend kindergarten. Kindergarten Warszawa Pruszków can be proud of excellent location, making it easily accessible both to the inhabitants of the city and its surroundings. So you can reach us from anywhere.

Non-public kindergarten in Pruszków - care of teachers by vocation

There is a warm and friendly atmosphere in the Orange Train, which is conducive to building relationships between children and between teachers and pupils. Parents can be sure that their treasures spend time in a friendly and safe environment. The non-public kindergarten in Pruszków is a place where preschoolers are looked after by qualified and experienced teachers by vocation. Our carers are characterized by great understanding, empathy and individual approach to each ward.

In kindergarten, we place great emphasis on exploring the world through the senses. Therefore, classes are held in the facility, the program of which was created based on the assumptions of the theory of sensory integration. Multisensory Education in the Orange Train is a program of the following character:

  • development;
  • screening;
  • prophylactic;
  • educational;

Private kindergarten in Pruszków - conscious nutrition of children

An important element of the activities of the kindergarten is promoting health, ensuring good nutrition and physical activity of children. Preschoolers receive healthy and tasty meals that are prepared from ingredients free of preservatives, artificial colors, unnecessary sugars and salt. A private kindergarten in Pruszków offers a menu rich in fruits, vegetables and wholegrain products, which are a source of valuable nutrients. Thanks to such composed meals, children learn healthy eating habits. In addition, in kindergarten, we pay attention to the way breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea are served to encourage children to eat and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Bilingual kindergarten in Pruszków

To meet the needs of parents, the non-public kindergarten in Pruszków, Orange Ciuchcia, focuses on the development of children by engaging them in learning English from an early age. Thanks to the experience and passion of our teachers, our pupils acquire the skills necessary to communicate fluently in the language. Native speakers participate in everyday games, meals, activities, workshops and walks of preschoolers. They can adjust the pace and method of teaching to the individual predispositions of the child, so that learning English is effective and enjoyable.

Private kindergarten in Pruszków has bright, spacious rooms didacticwhich have been created with the comfort and safety of children in mind. The rooms are well equipped. They contain a variety of teaching aids, educational wooden toys and tools that serve preschoolers to develop their skills and interests. There is also a beautiful garden with attractions for children.

Give your child a great start and choose a bilingual kindergarten in Pruszków. See for yourself that your child will not be bored with us. And if you are from other districts of the city - nothing lost! We also have branches in many other places, including a kindergarten in Italy.

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