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Mokotów private kindergarten

Bilingual Kindergarten and Nursery Orange Ciuchcia Mokotów

headmistress of the Mokotów kindergarten

Director of the kindergarten and nursery Ewelina Kotowska-Banucha

The staff of the Orange Ciuchcia Mokotów kindergarten - smiling, warm, full of positive energy

What makes us unique?

English in kindergarten orange clothes / bilingualism

Let's speak English - BIO-LANGUAGE EDUCATION for a minimum of 80 hours a month

The Mokotów kindergarten is a bilingual kindergarten. We implement a proprietary bilingual curriculum in English based on the CLIL-Content and Language Integrated Learning method. Two teachers work in each group: Polish and English. The English-speaking teacher communicates with children only in English. Thanks to this, they are immersed in English not only during didactic activities, but also during free games, meals and walks. The linguistic immersion method gives delightful results in the form of not only full understanding of the language, but also speaking fluently by children. Find out more about bilingualism

We have an English-speaking EMYS ROBOT and we don't hesitate to use it! - Modern technologies

Our preschoolers especially enjoy playing with Emys - an interactive robot who simply loves teaching English. Emys feels, sees, hears, reacts to touch and will always involve everyone in a joyful play. It makes learning English even more fun.

Swimming lessons in kindergarten - without going outside

As part of optional classes, our preschoolers learn to swim in the swimming pool at the Adgar Plaza complex (at Fitness Club Calypso). Lessons are conducted by a qualified instructor. It is a source of great satisfaction for us, because swimming classes: - improve motor skills, motor coordination and general physical fitness - strengthen the back muscles and prevent spine curvatures - increase self-esteem. the pool takes place during the stay in the kindergarten - it saves a lot of time - the transition from kindergarten to the pool takes place without going outside - we use prophylaxis and we do not risk infection in the autumn and winter season.

We want - personalized education at the highest level

We care about the proper development of our pupils, let's take into account their possibilities and needs. We approach each and every one individually. We implement the guidelines of the Ministry of National Education, but we enrich them with proprietary programs and projects, and we offer additional classes. More about educational programs.

We are one step ahead! Original program in our kindergarten.

Together with our parents, we think about the future of our preschoolers, which is why we have prepared a special program for kindergarten in the Orange Ciuchcia. Thanks to it, in a known and safe environment of kindergartens, we will equip children with the competences necessary to achieve success in future school education. Learn more about preparing for school

Our location, housing conditions

Good access and free parking

The Mokotów kindergarten is located on the ground floor of the Adgar Plaza B office building at Postępu 17B. This location enables efficient access by both public and private transport. A convenient multi-storey car park with free parking is available for parents. There are bus and tram stops (Wynalazek, Postępu, Marynarska) and bicycle paths near the kindergarten. The Mokotów kindergarten is open from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

boy having fun in the hall of kindergarten Mokotów

Spacious rooms - cordial atmosphere

The Mokotów kindergarten is a unique place with spacious, modern interiors, qualified staff, smiling children and a family atmosphere. The building in which the kindergarten is located has installed the latest generation NanoWave anti-smog filters and air conditioning.

Your own green playground, away from the hustle and bustle of the city

We have our own, safe, equipped with ecological, wooden toys playground surrounded by shade and greenery, which allows children to play outdoors every day. It is a real green oasis in the very business center of Mokotów, away from the hustle and bustle of the streets, with lots of trees and shrubs.

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Opening hours: 7 - 18

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Kindergarten in Mokotów Orange Train

Do you want your child to feel comfortable in kindergarten and have the opportunity to develop their skills through various games and activities?? Do you want the carers of the group to be empathetic and friendly towards children? In that case, the Orange Ciuchcia is the perfect solution.

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The kindergarten in Mokotów is located in convenient location, which enables efficient access both by public and private transport from various districts of Warsaw. Parents have at their disposal a multi-storey car park with the possibility of free parking. There are bus and tram stops nearby.

A private kindergarten in Mokotów applies innovative teaching techniques, tools and teaching materials. During the classes, elements of Maria Montessori's pedagogy are used. This is to:

  • development of independence;
  • concentration exercise;
  • learning the rules of order in the environment;
  • developing cooperation skills;
  • developing creativity and innovative approaches to problem solving;
  • learning by experience and experimentation;
  • individualization of the teaching process, adjusting the pace and method of work to the needs of the student;
  • developing social, emotional and educational competences;
  • developing soft skills, such as communication, assertiveness, or the ability to cope with stress.

Non-public kindergarten in Mokotów - educational offer

Non-public kindergarten in Mokotów is an institution that offers many interesting curricula for preschool children. It has in its educational offer a wide range of activities adapted to the various needs, interests and talents of the youngest. Children have the opportunity to participate in:

  • rhythms;
  • gymnastics;
  • judo;
  • Zumba Kids,
  • robotics;
  • creative building with Lego bricks;
  • art workshops.

It is worth emphasizing that the Warszawa Mokotów kindergarten is one of those facilities of the Orange Train, where preschoolers can learn to swim under the supervision of instructors at the swimming pool in the Adgar Plaza complex. Classes for children take place during their stay in kindergarten.

Private kindergarten Warszawa Mokotów - tasty meals for little explorers

The private kindergarten Warszawa Mokotów is a place where not only a rich educational offer awaits little explorers, but also tasty meals that meet the needs of even the most demanding children. Providing a healthy, nutritious and varied menu for the children is of great importance, as it affects the proper development and growth of children, as well as the satisfaction of parents who can focus on their duties at work, knowing that their children are properly nourished. The kindergarten offers daily freshly prepared meals, consisting of fruit desserts, vegetable snacks, delicious soups, second courses and healthy drinks. The kindergarten pays special attention to the quality of the products used, which are strictly controlled, and the meals are prepared in accordance with the nutritional and dietary recommendations for preschool children.

Bilingual kindergarten in Mokotów - a modern approach to preschool education

The private bilingual kindergarten Warszawa Mokotów is a place that is characterized by a modern approach to preschool education. The key aspect of the functioning of this facility is teaching English to preschoolers from an early age. Thanks to this bilingual children they have a chance to acquiring a solid language foundation in a natural and enjoyable way.

Learning English takes place during everyday games, activities, walks and meals with the participation of qualified teachers. Native speakers make sure to motivate preschoolers to make conversation attempts and improve their language skills. This approach to teaching allows for easier acquisition of vocabulary and development of children's natural language skills. As a result, attending a bilingual kindergarten in Mokotów gives children a chance to achieve success in the future.

What makes the Orange Ciuchcia kindergarten in Mokotów unique?

In Mokotów, the Orange Ciuchcia Kindergarten makes sure that each day is a unique adventure that provides preschoolers with a lot of new impressions. Attractive rooms and a spacious playground allow you to explore the world freely. Qualified teaching staff, thanks to their full commitment, patience and understanding for children's needs, creates cordial atmospherewhere every child feels safe and happy. We want children to be happy to attend our classes and willingly returned to their caregivers. The non-public kindergarten in Mokotów also attaches great importance to contact with parents. All this makes Orange Ciuchcia not only a kindergarten, but also a place full of love, warmth and incredible passion to support the development of the youngest.

Familiarize yourself with the offer and see for yourself that a private bilingual kindergarten in Mokotów is a guarantee of professional and comprehensive support for the development of children at such an important stage of life. Do you have a child between 1.5 and 3 years old? Check what ours can offer you Nursery Warsaw Mokotów.

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