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Headmistress of the Bilingual Kindergarten and Nursery Orange choo-choo józefosław

Kindergarten director - Justyna Dancewicz

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Kindergarten staff

What makes us unique?

English in kindergarten orange clothes / bilingualism

Bilingual education - immersion in English for min. 80 hours a month

One of our priorities is English-language education. We run bilingual groups and groups with extended English. We are distinguished by the fact that the English-speaking teacher communicates only in English (with children, parents, the Polish-speaking teacher, the entire kindergarten staff). He does not use Polish. Thanks to this, children have constant contact with the English language not only during didactic activities, but also during everyday activities: meals, free games, and walks. This makes children immersed in English learn it completely naturally.

modern technologies/programming in kindergarten

Modern technologies - games in English with the EMYS ROBOT

Our preschoolers especially enjoy playing with Emys - an interactive robot who simply loves teaching English. Emys feels, sees, hears, reacts to touch and will always involve everyone in a joyful play. It makes learning English even more fun.

non-public kindergarten Bemowo playroom

The highest level of education and upbringing

The Orange Ciuchcia Józefosław kindergarten is education and upbringing at the highest level. In addition to the standard program set out by the Ministry of National Education, we implement our own programs and projects. We also offer a rich package of additional and optional activities. It is in our facility that we help children discover their first interests and passions.

Boy and lady kindergarten center teacher

Concern for social and emotional development

We attach great importance to the social and emotional development of preschoolers. Our teachers are practitioners of the educational method "Positive Discipline". They are always focused on the needs of the child and establish a good and understanding relationship with him.

kindergarten adaptation of the orange train

Friendly Adaptation

We are aware of the importance of good and early adaptation of babies - our kindergarten Józefosław ensures this by organizing the Saturday adaptation classes of Mała Ciuchcia and the holiday adaptation program of Mały Gulliver. Thanks to this, when children start attending our kindergarten, they become familiar with their teachers and peers, they feel safe because they already know the kindergarten rooms where they took part in fun games with their parents.

Our location, housing conditions

A modern school and kindergarten complex

The Bilingual Orange Ciuchcia Józefosław Kindergarten together with the Gaudeamus Bilingual Primary School is the most modern educational complex in the area. The pupils and parents are delighted with the modern design of the building and its characteristic round colored windows. The area of the entire facility is 2,500 m2. For preschoolers, we have 5 classrooms, a room for optional classes and a gym with the area of 350 m2. Preschoolers enjoy spacious, bright rooms with interesting themed play corners.

A large, green, modern playground

The Józefosław kindergarten has a beautiful, large, green playground equipped with certified devices and toys as well as a safe surface. In the recreation and sports part, we have a gym and a football field and other team games.

Modern catering facilities

The Józefosław kindergarten has modern gastronomic facilities that meet the highest standards of the HACCP system. A balanced menu and the highest quality products from which we prepare meals ensure that our children eat healthy. Cooperation with a dietitian guarantees wholesome and delicious food every day.

Security system

We care about the safety of preschoolers, which is why the facility is monitored and has an access card system. Thus, we have combined modern standards with well-known solutions, thanks to which children are provided with the highest level of protection.

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Opening hours: 7:00-18:00

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Kindergarten in Józefosław Orange Ciuchcia - what distinguishes us?

The Orange Ciuchcia Kindergarten in Józefosław is a unique place where children can develop and learn in an atmosphere full of joy, warmth and understanding. What distinguishes our facility from others are above all innovative and interesting teaching methods that are adapted to the individual needs of each preschooler. At Orange Train, we care not only for the comprehensive intellectual development, but also for the emotional and social development of our charges.

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During classes preschoolers experience the world multi-sensory. Multisensory helps children in shaping the skills of concentration, coordination, emotional development, logical thinking and spatial perception.

Private kindergarten in Józefosław - safety and modern teaching rooms

Private kindergarten in Józefosław is the perfect choice for parents of toddlers who want their child to develop in a friendly, equipped environment. In our facility, we put special emphasis on the safety of children - both during classes and during rest. Well-thought-out solutions in the facility and constant staff control mean that parents can be sure that their children are in good hands here.

Classrooms in a private kindergarten in Józefosław are spacious, modernly furnished and well-lit rooms, ideally suited to the needs of children. The functional use of space allows for a variety of educational and artistic activities, as well as activities developing children's physical fitness. All this for the sake of the comprehensive development of each child. In addition, for an additional fee, preschoolers can participate in:

  • judo;
  • robotics;
  • building with Lego bricks;
  • acrobatics;
  • Zumba Kids.

Private kindergarten in Józefosław - tasty and healthy meals

The private kindergarten in Józefosław focuses on high quality services, taking care of the health of the youngest. Therefore, one of the key aspects of our activity is conscious nutrition of children, which helps develop healthy habits. At the facility, we want each child to receive meals that are not only rich in all nutrients, but also tasty. Fresh dishes are prepared daily from high-quality products free of preservatives, unnecessary sugars and salt. Simultaneously we educate our preschoolers about a healthy lifestyle.

Bilingual kindergarten in Józefosław - English from an early age

Bilingual kindergarten in Józefosław, just like bilingual nursery in Piastówuses innovative teaching methods and materials that support the learning process and arouse children's curiosity about the world. In the facility, each child also has the opportunity to learn English. We employ only experienced teachers who teach the youngest with passion and commitment by participating in walks, games and activities.

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