Passepartout 2018 - People

Did great-grandfather and great-grandmother work or have fun when they were young? Did they have any free time? What items were they playing with? What jobs were they doing? How did they organize their time in the countryside? Is pasionka a soup, work or fun? What kind of folk dance can you do with a stick? Before what holiday was it possible to chatter in the countryside? How was the gomółka sticky? How to make butter from a puddle? What was the purpose of the exclamation "who is stronger?" Can you make a cannon out of lilac? What are buns and what are they for? They answered these and other questions during our stay in Ludowizna, to which he took our preschoolers for another week of Obieżyświat. During the workshops, we learned about folk customs and games, we danced a dance with a broom and made beautiful folk roosters, which everyone took home with them. There was also a carriage ride and singing by the fire, where we ate delicious sausages. The populace is an extraordinary place where what is “forgotten” is rediscovered. It was an eventful day that will stay in our memory for a long time.

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