Passepartout 2017 - Stable Kaliska

The place we reached welcomed us with peace and quiet, and delighted us with its rural landscape. We took a short walk along the river bank and admired the sight of the little fish that were splashing happily in the clear water. Then we went to the stables, where we met the local horses and ponies, and heard stories about each of them. We already know how to recognize a sports horse and what a workhorse is characterized by. We also greeted the rest of the stable's inhabitants: goats, rams, sheep and poultry. It was so much fun feeding the ducks and chickens!  

After such an exciting morning, we enjoyed home-made broth prepared for us by the hospitable hosts. Then we went on horseback tours and found out what equipment every rider needs. 

At the end, a huge fire was lit, where we baked delicious sausages and sang our favorite pre-school songs. It was difficult for us to say goodbye to such a charming place as Stajnia Kaliska turned out to be. However, we hope that the hosts will make our little secret dream come true and will allow us to visit in the future 🙂

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