Passepartout 2017 - Dinopark

What was the difference between Tyrannosaurus and Diplodocus? Which dinosaur was herbivorous? What did the pterodactyl look like? Thanks to the expedition to Dinopark in Kołacinek, our preschoolers got answers to all their questions! 🙂

This time we turned into real archaeologists! During the expedition along the Mesozoic path, we could see life-size figures of dinosaurs. It was a real treat for all lovers of prehistory. The guide comprehensively told us about the differences between the dinosaurs, as well as how to recognize which one was carnivorous and which one preferred plants. Preschoolers tried to guess which of the prehistoric creatures was the tallest, which weighed the most, and which had the largest wingspan. There were even suggestions for names for individual species, such as Kruszyna, Kuleczka and Igła 🙂

Following the fossil tracks, we reached a nest where the eggs of ancient animals were located. Some of them were so large that preschoolers could not embrace them! The stop in the rock grotto, where we could see the development cycle of the dinosaur, as well as the exhibition of authentic fossils from millions of years ago, also aroused great emotions.

The best fun, however, was trying to unearth the skeleton of a huge dinosaur. Thanks to teamwork, we managed to discover it in its entirety!

A trip to Dinopark was a great trip to ancient times. On the way back, our preschoolers were eagerly talking about which dinosaur they would like to have in their home. 🙂 I wonder if any of them would allow themselves to be domesticated ...? 

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