Passepartout 2017 - Hut of Fulfilled Dreams

Our holiday "Obieżyświat" is in full swing! For the first trip, he invited us to the Cottage of Fulfilled Dreams.

Being among the fields and quietly rustling trees, we felt as if we were moved in time. In line with the tradition of a Masovian village, we were greeted generously with bread and salt. Preschoolers, with undisguised curiosity, visited the ancient buildings that used to be ... Goat farms!

The guardian of the trip - dressed from head to toe in folk style - told about children who lived in the countryside in the old days. We learned how the time was spent, what was played and what was eaten. We could even create our own cut-outs from Lowicz! They turned out to be more difficult to do than it might seem 🙂

But what would a trip to the countryside be if we couldn't try the local delicacies? Preschoolers were eager to stick and cook flour dumplings that tasted delicious! There were also magical moments by the fire, hot, roasted sausages as well as having fun together in "spinning" and "embroidered handkerchief".

When it was time to return, the children looked nostalgically from the bus windows towards the Chatka, which, as we have seen for ourselves, really makes a dream come true. 

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