We discover the world with all our senses.

During the Multisensory classes, we provide children with a wide variety of stimuli that support their sensory integration.
We stimulate all senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, deep feeling, balance.  

Multisensory is a space of possibilities:

Development: supporting the overall development of a child (development of nerve connections in the child's brain)

Prophylactic: stops sensory deficits, i.e. too few different stimuli needed for proper development

Relaxation: calmness, relaxation, building a sense of security

Playgrounds: freeing natural creative expression in a playful form, flexible approach - going out of patterns

Relational: developing the ability to cooperate with others, deepening relationships, building awareness of the body and space

Educational: supporting cognitive development (including description of the elements of the world, understanding cause and effect relationships, presentation of substance transformation processes)

Skirning (screening): the ability to determine the child's sensory profile (in the event that the child excessively strives or avoids specific sensory stimuli, it is a signal that suggests sensory integration disorders)

Motorcycles: improvement of fine motor skills (hand and foot work) influencing the development of speech. 

Multisensoryics is primarily a targeted game aimed at exploring the world with the help of the senses, the aim of which is to optimally support the development of the brain and the use of the senses. 

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