Are you aware of how important it is to know foreign languages in today's world?

In the Orange Clothes:

  • We will teach your child to communicate freely in English.
  • We will enable him to start education in bilingual schools.
  • We will prepare them to use the most popular languages in the world.
Teaching foreign languages is one of the priorities at Orange Ciuchcia Nurseries and Kindergartens.

We conduct classes in all nursery and kindergarten groups English and Spanish and Chinese classes in selected groups

Children in nursery and preschool age have a natural ease of learning languages, exceptional imitative abilities and the most efficient articulation apparatus. They are curious about the world and open to learning new news. That's why in the Orange Ciuchcia learning foreign languages we are already starting in the nursery group.

Thanks to this, the child has the opportunity to learn not only the foreign language itself, but is also able to easily acquire error-free pronunciation.

We attach great importance to the best selection of competent teachers and native speakers so that the child, imitating the teacher, will remember and learn the best pronunciation.

The teaching content is attractive and appropriately matched to the age group and language competences of our preschoolers. We use stories, dialogues, songs, poems, and sketches that are interesting for the child and encourage them to communicate in a foreign language.

English every day

English classes are held every day from the youngest age group (2.5-year-olds). Children learn English, just like their mother tongue, thanks to specially arranged language situations. The child learns many words and phrases needed in everyday life and in relationships proper to family and social life. The child learns to ask and thank, to name and describe objects (kindergarten, home, shop, world of favorite toys, animals). He will also be able to express his mood, feelings and preferences, and make wishes. He acquires all these skills through games and games in which there are no losers, but there is a lot of movement, joy and laughter, poems, songs and counting out. Learning is accompanied by movement, art, construction and music games that practice perceptiveness, manual skills and the ability to associate.

In nursery groups, the English lessons "Baby steps in English" are held twice a week. 

YLE (University of Cambrigde)

The Orange Ciuchcia kindergartens have an English language program that prepares children for the Young Learners English (YLE) test. YLE was developed by the University of Cambridge (ESOL) and is organized in Poland by the British Council.

Children may take the exam after graduating from grade 2 of Gaudeamus Primary School.

Thanks to everyday contact with the English language from the age of 3 in the Orange Ciuchcia and continuation of education at the Gaudeamus School, children take the exam, achieving very good results.

YLE is an English language test that assesses children's language skills in three basic areas:

  • speech,
  • listening comprehension,
  • reading and writing.


Why is it worth joining YLE?

YLE gives the opportunity to objectively assess the language skills of children according to the standard developed by Cambridge University and accepted in over 60 countries around the world.

The test has a very child-friendly form. The tasks are interesting and based primarily on colorful illustrations that encourage you to solve even the most difficult exercise.

There are no losers in this test! Each child who takes all three parts of the test will receive their first language certificate and will receive shields that show the child's achievements in each part.

YLE gives children the opportunity to learn about the specificity of language tests organized for children and adolescents, such as the Key English Test (KET), Preliminary English Test (PET), First Certificate in English (FCE) and subsequent tests for adults, such as CAE and CPE. The first positive impressions of joining the YLE will give the child a chance to start easier in later tests.

Bilingual Education

We also run bilingual groups in the Orange Ciuchcia Kindergartens. More about bilingualism.

Equipping children with language skills is a priority in the Orange Ciuchcia preschools.

In our kindergartens, in addition to learning English, we also teach in selected groups Spanish classes. 

They are conducted by native speakers.

Yair is from Mexico, he is a teacher of Spanish and English.

He studied at the University of Monterrey and obtained the Cambridge teaching qualification.

Yair is currently an MA in 'Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language' from the University of Barcelona. 

He has many years of experience in working with children, which he gained as a teacher in primary schools and kindergartens in Mexico and China.

She is a warm, sociable person who likes children and working with them.

Methodology of teaching Spanish as a foreign language is very similar to the methodology of teaching English. The friendly, intimate atmosphere of classes and an individual approach to each child make preschoolers learn the language naturally and effortlessly.

Effective learning is possible thanks to the use of multimedia aids, games, movement games, nursery rhymes and songs.

Our teacher's passion and creativity make learning Spanish a great adventure and fun for children!


The future of our preschoolers is the most important for us.

When teaching children foreign languages, we equip them with very important linguistic competences that will certainly bear fruit in their adult life.

That is why we have already decided to learn another foreign language.

In two of our kindergartens: Orange Ciuchcia Centrum and Orange Ciuchcia Mokotów, we run in selected groups learning Chinese

Apparently, in the near future, this will be the Chinese language second language in the world.


Chinese language teaching methodologyas a stranger does not differ from the way children learn and acquire English.

The classes are full of songs, nursery rhymes and movement games.

They are run by a native speaker - Chinesewho also speaks Polish and English.

Thanks to this, learning this exotic language takes place in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere, and the optimism, warmth and positive energy of the teacher make the classes a great adventure for children.   

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