Jabłonna kindergarten

Bilingual Kindergarten Orange Ciuchcia Jabłonna

Dyrektor przedszkola pomarańczowa ciuchcia Jablonna

Dyrektor przedszkola - Marta Jarzębowska

Kadra przedszkola - uśmiechnięta, kreatywna i zaangażowana

What makes us unique?

Angielski w przedszkolu pomarańczowa ciuchcia / dwujęzyczność

BILINGUAL EDUCATION - English language immersion min. 80 hours a month

The Orange Ciuchcia Jabłonna kindergarten stands out from the surrounding kindergartens in that it offers bilingual education. The fact that an English-speaking teacher communicates only in English (with children, parents, the Polish-speaking teacher, the entire kindergarten staff) has a huge impact on the quality of education. He doesn't use Polish. Thanks to this, children have constant contact with the English language not only during didactic activities, but also during everyday activities: meals, free games, and walks. As a result, children learn a foreign language completely naturally. The language immersion method gives amazing results in the form of not only fully understanding the language, but also speaking fluently by children.

nowoczesne technologie/ programowanie w przedszkolu

Modern technologies - games in English with the EMYS ROBOT

Our preschoolers enjoy playing with Emys - a social, interactive robot that loves teaching English to children. Emys feels, sees, hears, reacts to touch and is always able to involve children in joyful play. Thanks to him, playing with the English language is a real fun.

Elements of Montessori Pedagogy

During everyday classes, we use elements of Maria Montessori's pedagogy - incl. silence lessons, classes in individual work corners, activities with aids such as fastening frames, mud kitchen and much more.

Family atmosphere based on trust - Individual approach to each child

We are proud that the Jabłonna kindergarten is a place with a family atmosphere. Parents trust us with their children, who come to our kindergarten with joy every day. We approach each toddler individually, we always follow his abilities and needs. Thanks to this, every child feels important and special with us.

przedszkole adaptacja pomarańczowa ciuchcia

Education and upbringing at the highest level

Our priority is to provide preschoolers with care, education, upbringing and comprehensive development at the highest level. This is ensured by a team of educated, warm and committed teachers, instructors and specialists. In addition to the standard program set out by the Ministry of National Education, we implement our own programs and projects. We also offer a rich package of extra-curricular activities. Jabłonna thus gained another place where children not only have a chance to have entertainment at its best, but also to develop and acquire new skills. It is in our facility that they often discover their first interests and passions.

Our location, housing conditions

An atmospheric corner - a charming, green playground

The bilingual Orange Ciuchcia Kindergarten in Jabłonna, along with a green, charming, vast playground, drowning in blooming bushes and flowers, is located away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, in a quiet, atmospheric place.

Modern, inspiring interiors

The Jabłonna kindergarten has spacious, well-equipped classrooms and a large, modern room for sports and music activities. We carefully select all toys and teaching aids that are ecological, made primarily of wood, and have approvals and certificates.

Convenient access

Our kindergarten is easy to reach not only by Jabłonna residents, but also from the vicinity of Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Legionowo and Tarchomin. Jabłonna kindergarten is open from 6.30 am to 6.00 pm.

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Opening hours: 7:00 -18:00

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