Kindergarten Bemowo I

Bilingual Kindergarten Orange Ciuchcia Bemowo I

dyrektorka przedszkola pomarańczowa ciuchcia Bemowo

Dyrektor przedszkola - Joanna Wiśniewska

Kadra przedszkola - uśmiechnięta, przyjazna i pełna pozytywnej energii

What makes us unique?

Angielski w przedszkolu pomarańczowa ciuchcia / dwujęzyczność

The only kindergarten in Bemowo with Bilingual EDUCATION ALL DAY - immersion in English for 160 hours a month

The bilingual kindergarten Orange Ciuchcia Bemowo I is the only facility in Bemowo that offers bilingual education 8 hours a day. We are distinguished by the fact that the English-speaking teacher communicates only in English (with children, parents, the Polish-speaking teacher, the entire kindergarten staff). He does not use Polish. Thanks to this, children have constant contact with the English language not only during didactic activities, but also during everyday activities: meals, free games, and walks. As a result, children learn a foreign language completely naturally.

Modern technologies - games in English with the EMYS ROBOT

Our preschoolers enjoy playing with Emys - a social, interactive robot that loves teaching English to children. Emys feels, sees, hears, reacts to touch and is always able to involve children in joyful play. Thanks to him, playing with the English language is a real fun.

zabawy glottodydaktyka przedszkole Bemowo

Education and upbringing at the highest level

The Bemowo kindergarten is a place with great potential. We offer professional care, full safety, didactic and educational programs ensuring education and comprehensive development of children at the highest level. At the same time, thanks to the cordial, family atmosphere, our kindergarten becomes a second home for every child.

Chłopiec i pani nauczycielka przedszkole centrum

Friendly adaptation program

We are aware of the importance of good and early adaptation of babies - this is what our Bemowo I kindergarten ensures by organizing Mała Ciuchcia adaptation classes on Saturday and Mały Gulliver adaptation program. Thanks to this, when children start attending our kindergarten, they become familiar with their teachers and peers, they feel safe because they already know the kindergarten rooms where they took part in fun games with their parents.

Our location, housing conditions

A modern school and kindergarten complex

Bemowo I Bilingual Kindergarten and Gaudeamus Bemowo Bilingual School are located in a modern, original educational complex, designed especially for the needs of our institutions. It is located at 67 Lazurowa Street in Warsaw, in the vicinity of the City Park Bemowo shopping center, 200 m from the intersection with ul. Człuchowska. This is the new center of the district. We have a one-story building with 5 classrooms in the kindergarten and 18 in the school, a gym with an area of 320 m2 and our own professional kitchen facilities. The area of the entire educational complex is over 2,700 m2. There is also a playground and playground on site. All this contributes to the high comfort and quality of care and education.

Professional equipment, ecological toys, modern teaching aids

We make every effort to ensure that the child's world in our kindergarten is safe, aesthetic, colorful and friendly. All materials used to finish kindergarten classrooms are certified and suitable for use by children in certain age groups. We equip the rooms with simple wooden furniture, remembering about nice, pleasant colors at the same time. We use ecological wooden toys, limit the number of colors and patterns that distract children, and eliminate elements made of plastic or other inorganic materials. We use modern technologies.

przedszkole Bemowo plac zabaw

Professional sports facilities and a green playground

The Bemowo kindergarten has a beautiful, large, green playground equipped with certified devices and toys as well as a safe surface. In the recreation and sports part, we have a gym and a football field and other team games.

Free, large parking lot - convenient access by public transport

The advantage of the facility is a large parking lot near the building and convenient access by public transport, and in the future also by metro - the Chrzanów station is planned nearby (approx. 300 m). The building is located 2700 m from ul. Kaliskiego (where our kindergarten is located: Orange Ciuchcia Bemowo 2) and 4800 m from ul. Śląska (where our Orange Ciuchcia Italy kindergarten is located). Access to the facility: as to City Park (Lazurowa 71), Biedronka and Kaufland market.

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Opening hours: 7-18

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