Every Sunday at 20.00 we invite you to the series "FIVE MINUTES WITH A POSITIVE DISCIPLINE"

Dear Parent,

you probably often ask yourself questions:  

  • Why do children behave "badly"?
  • How to "tame" the wicked?
  • How to respectfully set, set and enforce boundaries?
  • Is it worth dating a child and how to share responsibilities?
  • How can you support your baby without being pampered?
  • How to make parents' lives easier?

In the Pomaranczowa Ciuchcia kindergartens, we act in spirit Positive Disciplinethat helps teachers and parents find answers to these and many other questions everyday challenges posed by children. 

We have prepared a series of films especially for parents "5 minutes with Positive Discipline", which we will share on Facebook of the Pomaranczowa Ciuchci kindergarten.  

Every Sunday starting from April 26 at 20.00 one episode will be released.

We cordially invite you to this series. 

Why is it worth being with us?

We will present simple and effective techniques and tools that:

  • allow for a better understanding of your children and support their natural potential,
  • they will enable building internal motivation, independence, cooperation, own meaning and contribution as well as children's autonomy,
  • provide an alternative to traditional punishments, allowing you to focus on solutions and rewards - through the practice of mindfulness and appreciation.

Most of all, however will be a significant support in dealing with the daily challenges posed by children. 

We will tell you about family reunions, the choice wheel, the anger wheel, the routine and rule cards, a special time and we will present a positive "time out".

We will try to convince you that the ideal parent does not exist (as long as you have not come to such conclusions yourself), and changing the approach to positive can bring a lot to your family life.

We strongly encourage you to watch, ask questions, seal and share.

See you on Sunday at 20.00 on FB!

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