Have fun with Emys!

Emys – our robotic friend for years! Everyone in Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia knows Emys - both young and old. Our teachers are happy to invite him to classes conducted in English. Emys, like our kindergarten friends, has numerous talents - he can sing, tell stories, organize physical games and animate time. And all this does […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH SANTA CLAUS - LIVE on FB of Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia - Sunday, December 5, start at 15.00

We cordially invite all children and parents to a special and unique event. It will be an EXCLUSIVE LIVE INTERVIEW WITH Santa, who promised to answer all, even the most difficult questions. Take this unique opportunity and think with your children about what you would like to ask Santa. The authors of 10 selected, most interesting and funniest questions will receive Christmas surprises. Check the details of the competition: Rules of the competition on FB [...]