Autumn stuff - games with a baby in a nutshell

the eternal days go on forever. Outside the window, the wind blows and your child got bored with playing with toys. There is no question of going out to the yard, everything is drowning in mud and puddles. There are a few small cleanups and cooking to be done at home, and your little one is demanding your attention. What to do to fill this time with the child? Contrary to appearances, it is not difficult - all you need is a bit of creativity. To make it even easier - we present you some of our ideas for "autumn fun in a nutshell".

Potato rubber stamps

Fun that adults remember well from their childhood. We cut out various patterns in the potato halves. Our child, dipping shapes in paint, can create amazing stamp stories that will spice up a rainy afternoon a bit.

Grain to grain

In the home pantry there are many interesting aids for games, the existence of which we are not even aware of. It is enough to add and mix together small pasta, groats and rice into a large bowl. We also give the child a spoon, a few small containers and ... We have organized fun for a long, long time!

We catch fish

Playing with water is something that the little ones love! We are preparing two large bowls. Cover the floor or table with foil or a cut bag. Place the bowls side by side on the foil, fill them with water and add, for example, bricks, that is our "fish", to one of them. We will use a kitchen strainer as a fishing rod. The toddler's task is to catch bricks and toss them from one bowl to another.

Invoice factory

One of the gifts that autumn gives us richly are various leaves falling from the trees. We prepare a few leaves, xero paper and crayons. Put a piece of paper on individual leaves and then paint over it with crayons. The leaf texture will be reflected on the paper. A one-time presentation is enough for our toddler to know how to create more colorful works.

Autumn guessing

Put a variety of fruits and vegetables on the table: apples, carrots, pears, zucchini, mountain ash, acorns, chestnuts, and pumpkin. Everything we have at hand. The child's task is to describe a given vegetable so as not to pronounce its name. The parent's task is to guess it.

Autumn creatures

Again, we will need a variety of vegetables and fruits: carrots, potatoes, apples. We also prepare other aids such as glue, tissue paper, colored paper, scissors or yarn that the toddler will be able to use to create his own, imaginary creatures. When they are ready, the child can organize, for example, a theater, to which he will invite other family members in the evening.


Children love helping adults with their daily activities. Therefore, it will be a great idea to organize a task for your little one in the kitchen. Could it be washing your soup products, sorting your purchases, or maybe creating a salad snack with cooked vegetables?

Of course, this is just a pinch of opportunities that you can take advantage of when organizing home games for your children. We hope that the autumn period will be a great opportunity for you to spend time with your children in an interesting way.  

Anna Watras

educator - early school education
and pre-school

kindergarten's headmaster

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