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“Everything I really need to know about how to live, what to do and how to behave in life, I learned in kindergarten. Wisdom did not wait in the final year of college, but in the sandbox. "

Robert Fulghum "Everything I really need to know I learned in kindergarten." 

Did you know that the first years of life are crucial in the development of your child, and the competences acquired during this time are the basis for success in the future? Over the years, our kindergartens have educated over 18,000 graduates - the oldest ones have already graduated from universities and started working. Many of them still have contact with us today. Thanks to this, we know that they have achieved success as lawyers, doctors, IT specialists, and business owners, among others. In the Orange Ciuchcia, we are aware of the enormous influence we have on the future of each child and we responsibly create conditions for its optimal development.


Therefore, we propose:

    Are you a conscious parent who is already thinking about the future of their child?
    You certainly know that knowledge of foreign languages in today's world is not only an asset, but even a necessity. We fully agree with this, which is why the program
    Bilingualism is one of our priorities. In the Orange Ciuchcia, we will teach your child to communicate freely in English, we will enable him to start education in bilingual schools. read more
    Are you aware of the importance of the correct stimulation of all senses in a child's development?
    In order to provide our pupils with the best possible start and development conditions, we organize activities with children in nursery and kindergarten groups.
    MULTISENSORSread more
    Are you looking for a safe place for your child, full of respect and empathy, where they can develop their potential, where they will feel important? In the Orange Ciuchcia kindergartens and nurseries, we guarantee education in spirit POSITIVE DISCIPLINE. We will equip your child with social competences that will facilitate relations with peers, strengthen self-esteem, help understand and express emotions. We will teach you effective communication, cooperation, problem-solving skills, independence and independence.


Dear Parent,
Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia is a leader among private preschool and nurseries.
For 25 years, we have been setting the standards of education, upbringing and care for children in the most important period of their lives.
We have been trusted by over 19,000 parents.
If you want to get to know us better, just contact the director of the facility of your choice. 

Your child's future begins today!
Let's take care of her together!

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