Please get in, close the door, go away! This is the Orange Train crew! ​

Even we find it hard to believe that we are repeating this slogan already for 28 years  because we started our journey in the previous century - in 1996. Our first graduates managed to finish their studies, start working and enter adult life. During this time over 19,000 parents trust us, and this number is still growing - after all, our clothing community is growing every year!


It started with a small Ciuchcia, meanwhile we are currently creating a large educational Ciuchcia family in Warsaw and the surrounding area. We employ over 300 qualified employees in our facilities. Everyone, regardless of whether they keep the rooms clean, cook delicious dinners, conduct classes with children, or sit in the director's office, is equally important to us - it is our well-coordinated and unique crew that creates Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia!
teacher with a child in kindergarten Bemowo

However, the best staff in the world would mean nothing without the wonderful and unique Passengers

Our preschoolers are the most important people in the world to us and we feel honored that we can create a place for them based on education, safety and the highest level of care. We move with the times and continue to develop, but one thing has not changed on our board for 28 years: we believe in close cooperation with parents and children based on relationships, understanding, trust and openness.

Our advantages

Friendly Adaptation

We gently prepare you and your child to start your kindergarten adventure.

Bilingual Education

We will teach your child to communicate and think freely in English.

Upbringing in closeness

We build relationships and teach how to express and accept our own and others' emotions.

Your own healthy kitchen

We care about healthy, conscious eating and provide a balanced diet.

Modern Technologies

We will safely introduce your child to the digital world of programming and new technologies.

Always Active and Eco-Friendly

We will take care of your child's sustainable development and teach a healthy lifestyle

Our mission, i.e. the Orange Train timetable

Joy – Development – Relationships

Joy, that is…
It's time to smile!

Our priority is to give your child a reason to smile. People want to come to Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia! We deeply believe that the most effective way of learning about the world is through joyful play.

Development, that is... And the pace is accelerating
and runs faster and faster!

The preschool years are the time when a child finds his or her first passions. From the very beginning, we help our students discover their talents and strengths. We attach great importance to developing social and emotional skills.

Relationships, or… The attraction to uniqueness!

With us, the child feels important. We remember that everyone is different and unique. That is why we focus on an individual approach to each and every person.

Graduate profile

Our goal is that after four years of attendance
to the Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia Kindergarten graduate:

  • communicated in English,
  • was prepared for Polish- and English-speaking schools,
  • had self-esteem,
  • he persistently pursued his goal,
  • was open and tolerant towards others,
  • cooperated in an atmosphere of respect and
  • kindness,
  • he approached tasks creatively
  • focused on finding solutions,
  • reacted to changes with openness, was curious about the world,
  • knew the value of a healthy lifestyle and ecology,
  • discovered and developed his talents and passions,
  • he knew the value of a healthy lifestyle and ecology.
English and bilingualism in kindergarten

Parents' opinions

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