October 6 - OPEN DAY at PC Bemowo 2

On Saturday 6.10 at 10.00 we invite you to the kindergarten in Bemowo at ul. Urbanowicza 23B (formerly Kalisz 23B) for an open day combined with adaptation activities for future preschoolers aged 1 to 4. 

On this day, children will greet each other with a happy song, which will allow them to know their names and hear other children singing. Then the little ones will take part in finger games and learn the song about the hedgehog. A show of twisting balloon creatures will be a surprise for those who come to Mała Ciuchcia. It promises to be a lot of laughter and fun. After such a dose of joy, using various art techniques, children will make a hedgehog, practicing fine motor skills and concentration of attention. When the little ones miss the "hugs", we will invite parents to play together. "Pancake" according to the method of development by Weronika Sherborne. During the meeting, there will also be games with an animation scarf, which are very popular with children, and an obstacle course that develops great motor skills and motor coordination.

We invite!

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