October 28 - OPEN DAY at PC Centrum

On Saturday, October 28 at At 10.00 am we invite you to an open day at the PC Centrum kindergarten (Rondo ONZ 1). The invitation is addressed to children from 1 to 4 years old who are not yet preschoolers and to their parents / guardians.

The highlight of the day will be a performance by the Katarynka Theater. This is a fairy tale about two friends - princess Rosie and Klimek, who will face the cunning and insidious wizard Zoltan in a carefree world. Children learn colors by painting a picture magically. They meet an apparently helpless old woman who turns out to be a very go-getting and sensitive person. The woman helps to save the land from losing its colors and teaches children about personal culture. The performance is a combination of beautiful musical setting, dancing, singing, touching situations, but most of all, a captivating plot with a moral.

After the performance, we will invite our children to play with the animation scarf, during which we will consolidate the knowledge of colors. Children will have the opportunity to do art work with the use of colored cards. We will end the meeting with a game of instruments.

We invite!

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