May 27 - OPEN DAY at PC Białołęka and PC Pruszków

On Saturday May 27 at 10.00 a.m. we invite you to our two kindergartens for open days. In Białołęka it will be English Day - fun with the English language, a in Pruszków children will turn into pirates. The invitation is addressed to children aged 1 to 4 and their parents.

Detailed program of open days on May 27:

PC Białołęka (ul. Brzozowy grźniki 7) - Fruit Land: English Day

 "Whoever wants to be strong and healthy as a fish must eat fruit and vegetables." During this meeting, we will try to make children aware of the importance of healthy eating. With the help of parents, we will prepare a delicious and extremely healthy fruit salad. During joint games with doctor Zdrówko, who will speak only English, children will learn what vitamins are and where we can find them. We will repeat the colors of the fruit and try to learn a short song in English. There will be plenty of favorite movement games with children's music. Finally, we will do a "fruit" art work. In addition to the above attractions, there will be many other surprises waiting for you, to which we cordially invite you.

PC Pruszków - Ahoy, pirates! 

"Boom, bang, and installment, installment, there is nothing like the fate of a pirate, who gets in his way once, porridge for breakfast!" On this special Saturday morning we will turn into brave pirates and set off on a distant voyage by ship in search of adventures. There is a lot of work waiting for us on the ship, so there will be finger games, breathing games and whole body exercises. After a great storm, we will reach an unknown island, where many surprises await us. On this day, on the occasion of the holiday of all children, our kindergarten will visit a theater with a play for the youngest; we will also invite children to paint their faces. We will end the meeting by making a pirate headscarf. 

We invite!

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