January 27 - OPEN DAY at PC Bemowo II, Centrum, Józefosław and Mokotów

On Saturday, January 27 at At 10.00 am we invite you to open days to the next three kindergartens.

Detailed program of open days on January 27:

Bemowo II (ul. Kaliskiego 23b) - Music concert with a snowman 

On this day, we invite all children to meet the snowman Bulim, who will invite us to a concert entitled "Percussion carnival". We will start the next part by practicing fine motor skills while creating winter dough creatures. After greeting the children together, we will conjure a snowman from our fingers and then look for it in the mouth - practicing the articulation apparatus. Before we go on a winter trip, we will "build" a large snowman, thus developing children's creativity and imagination. During our trip we will practice great motor skills, overcoming snow drifts and throwing snowballs. With my parents, we will ride a sled in the snow and dance a winter dance to the sounds of a guitar. To make us happier, we will learn a snowman song, to which the children will accompany them on percussion instruments. A souvenir from our trip will be the art work "Happy Snowman" made with various techniques.

PC Centrum (Rondo ONZ 1) - Theater of a small audience

On that day, the JaHa Duet will come to our kindergarten, inviting children to an interactive play in the form of a performance. The script was based on the performance of "Shoes of Happiness". Our puppies and their caretakers will try to wake up Princess Maruda and show her that happiness and meaning can be found in small, simple things. It is a great adventure integrating children, adults and actors. There will also be lots of singing, dancing and a happy atmosphere. After the performance, we will invite our children to play with the animation scarf, during which we will consolidate the knowledge of colors. Children will have the opportunity to do art work using cards and colored glitters. We will end the meeting with a game of instruments.

PC Józefosław (ul. Ogrodowa 20B) - Carnival ball

We will start the meeting with free games in the corners of interests, necessary for the proper cognitive development of the child. Later, we will invite all participants of the meeting to play together in a circle. We'll start by saying hello to each other. Then, through finger games, rhymes, rhymes, dancing and singing together, we will develop children's memory and attention, expand the vocabulary, as well as practice small and gross motor skills. The main topic of our meeting will be carnival games. We will learn the story of a unique balloon that wanted to learn to fly very much. If we want to make his dream come true, we will dance with balloons, streamers and scarves. We will also invite Mrs. Rainbow to play to the rhythm of carnival music. The time spent together will allow children to get to know each other better and integrate with their peers. We will develop children's creative passions by making carnival masks. We will create them from colored paper, shiny materials and feathers. If the weather permits, we will end our meeting with a stay in the fresh air.

PC Mokotów (ul. Postępu 17B) -Teatrzyk O gosh: "Król Maciuś" and games in English

We cordially invite children and parents to the open day. On that day, the "O rety" Theater will visit the kindergarten with a performance based on the themes of Janusz Korczak's book "Król Maciuś the First". It will be a story about a boy who, at the age of 10, had to lead his kingdom in a very responsible role of king. During the performance, children will find out that adulthood is not what we think it is. You can't do what you want, and it certainly isn't that you don't have to ask anyone's opinion. In fact, you have to make decisions and be responsible for them.

Children will learn all of this during the great fun guaranteed by the spectacle. There is a lot of humor and joint action in it, because as it turns out, you can do a lot with joint efforts. In the second part of the meeting, the little ones will be invited to play in English, led by a qualified English teacher. There will also be fun music and movement games on winter theme. Puppies will imitate tobogganing, skating and skiing with the sounds of percussion instruments. The aim of the game will be to develop gross motor skills, motor coordination and make people sensitive to musical elements: dynamics and pace. Finally, the children will make magic pictures with candles and paints. It will be an opportunity to develop fine motor skills and stimulate the imagination of our little ones.

We invite!

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