November 25 - OPEN DAY at PC Bemowo 1 and PC Wilanów

On Saturday, November 25 at We invite you to our 2 kindergartens for open days. In Bemowo, the highlight of the day will be a concert of philharmonic musicians, and in Wilanów - an autumn ball.

Detailed program of open days on November 25:

PC Bemowo 1 (ul. Lazurowa 67) - Concert of musicians from the National Philharmonic 

On this day, we have a surprise for our little guests. We will be visited by musicians from the National Philharmonic who will take us into the world of percussion instruments. During the concert, the children will learn the names of the instruments and play the role of real musicians! In addition, our little ones will improve their motor skills by playing on the obstacle course made of fittings as well as in the pool with colorful balls. Babies while playing with dough will develop small motor skills and children's imagination. You will also not take merry music games with a colorful animation scarf. 

PC Wilanów (ul. Vogla 11) - Miss Autumn Ball 

All children and their parents are invited to unforgettable fun with lots of colors! Together with the autumn, we will warm our mouths by blowing on the colorful leaves, we will have fun with the autumn mood music, we will overcome the crazy obstacle course. There will also be games with the Klanza scarf and gifts of autumn. Finally, we will do a piece of art from the autumn treasures. We encourage everyone to dress up in autumn outfits.

We invite!

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