November 23 - OPEN DAY in Bemowo, Mokotów and Józefosław

On Saturday, November 23 at At 10.00 am we invite you to an open day at our three kindergartens. In Bemowo, the attraction will be a theater performance, in Mokotów - games in English, and in Józefosław workshops with live animals.  

Detailed program:

PC Bemowo (ul. Lauzurowa 67) - THEATER "Fairy Room"

We invite you to a wonderful, adventurous theater journey to the Fairy Tale Room. The actors of Teatr Dobrego Serca will tell us a story about the dreams of a doggie who leaves his family kennel and loves his dad to win the first prize at the dog show in the City of Roses. Unfortunately, roses also have thorns! Will the Dog give his bowl and collar so he can have some fun? Will it gain fleas on the back instead of "Fairy Tale Room"? Everything would have ended badly if it weren't for the White Kitten following him, paw by paw. Are you curious how this story will end? Do you want to take part in fun musical games together with the main character and have fun on the obstacle course? We invite! Join us!

PC Mokotów (ul. Postępu 17 B) - 10.00-12.00 - DAY OF THE Teddy Bear

It has been known for a long time that teddy bears are the best friends of children. Therefore, on this day, we invite babies to the kindergarten in the company of their beloved stuffed animals. Together with them, the children will set off to the bear land, where fun games in English will be conducted by a qualified teacher. Among the attractions there will be: finger games, speech therapy games, songs, games with an animation scarf. Their goal will be to develop large and small motor skills, improve the speech apparatus, develop the ability to cooperate in a group and integrate with other children. Finally, each child will have the opportunity to make a portrait of their favorite teddy bear.

PC Józefosław (ul. Ogrodowa 20 B) - 10.00-12.00 - NATURAL WORKSHOPS

We will start our meeting with games in the corners of interest. Thanks to them, the child develops its independence, creativity, and gets to know the immediate surroundings. Then we will invite the little ones to nature workshops with real animals. Each child will have the opportunity to touch a hedgehog, feed a turtle, hug a fluffy bunny. It will surely be an unforgettable experience for everyone. The second part of our meeting will include, depending on the weather conditions, exercise in the gym or the kindergarten playground.


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