October 19 - OPEN DAY in kindergartens: Jabłonna, Mokotów, Pruszków

On Saturday, October 19, from 10.00-12.00 we invite you to OPEN DAYS to three kindergartens: in Jabłonna, Mokotów and Pruszków. In Jabłonna, the main attraction will be autumn games at the piano led by a rhythmic instructor, in Mokotów, a meeting with an illusionist, and in Pruszków, zumba classes. 

Here is a detailed program of adaptation activities on this day:  

PC Jabłonna (ul. Przylesie 14) - Games at the piano with Jeżyk Tuptu

On this day, together with Jeżyk Tuptuś, we will take part in autumn games to the accompaniment of a piano led by a rhythmic instructor. To the rhythm of the song "And in the garden the hedgehog is sleeping" we will set off in search of forest friends hidden in the mountain of leaves. We will take part in musical movement and imitation games supporting the development of musical sensitivity, motor coordination and concentration of attention. Together with the squirrel, we will hide in hollows and collect supplies for the winter, while strengthening the muscles of the back and abdomen and developing the ability to respond to the signal. During our meeting, there will also be dancing with music, games with an animation scarf and an obstacle course. Finally, we will make our own hedgehog from natural materials, while developing creativity and manual dexterity.

PC Mokotów (ul. Postępu 17 B) - Performance of the magician Maccino

On that day, smiling Mrs. Fairy will greet us with cheerful songs. He will invite us on a journey to an enchanted land, where we will dance to the sounds of lively melodies and perform exercises developing gross motor skills and a sense of rhythm. Then, together with the Fairy, we will take part in the show of the mysterious magician Maccino, who specializes in artistic performances in Poland and abroad. He will present an interactive and humorous performance. Children's satisfaction and smile are guaranteed. At the end of the meeting, taking care of the development of children's creativity and imagination, we will do a magical art work full of trinkets and glitter.

PC Pruszków (ul. Gałczyńskiego 31) - Games in a dancing forest and zumba classes

On this day, Lisek Leon, Wiewiórka Wera and Sowa Sonia will invite us to play together. In the enchanted forest, we will learn a poem about animals, while developing memory and articulation apparatus. We will go on a forest hike, overcoming the obstacle course. Thanks to this, we will develop our agility and mobility. The main attraction of the meeting will be ZUMBA classes, which will be conducted by Ms Ola - an instructor of music and movement classes in our kindergarten. Mrs. Ola will invite us to the autumn ball, the culmination of which will be a spectacular show of huge soap bubbles. We will end our dancing classes with autumn art work, during which we will develop creativity and improve small motor skills.

We invite you to have fun together!

We are waiting for you !

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