November 16 - OPEN DAY in the Center and in Pruszków

On Saturday, November 16 at We invite you to our 2 kindergartens for open days.

Here is a detailed program of adaptation activities on this day: 

PC Centrum (Rondo ONZ 1) - Sensoplastic workshops 

On this day, in our kindergarten, workshops will take place, during which we will get dirty, touch, spill, spill, create, mix, experiment, that is, experience and explore the world with all our senses. Classes will be full of colors, fragrances and various textures. Using food products, we will create lunar sand, kinetic mass, Newtonian mass, and also riceoline.

PC Pruszków (ul. Gałczyńskiego 31) - Scientific workshops - experiments with dry ice

The main attraction of the meeting will be scientific workshops, during which each participant of the Mała Ciuchcia will have the opportunity to learn about the substance called dry ice. During the workshops, children will turn into scientists and, under the supervision of experienced experts, they will awaken their cognitive curiosity - through research, discovery and experimentation.

We invite!

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