September 14 - OPEN DAY at PC Jabłonna

On Saturday, September 14 at At 10.00 we invite all babies and their parents to the first adaptation classes this school year and an open day to our kindergarten in Jabłonna (ul. Przylesie 14).

To the rhythm of pirate songs, we will set off on a cruise to an exotic island. We will meet there a nice parrot, whom we will help to find lost feathers. Together, we will perform mouth and tongue exercises, paying special attention to correct articulation and the respiratory track. We will try to find the lost pirate treasure hidden in our room, thus practicing the skill of orientation in space. After pirate adventures, we will take part in nature workshops, which always provide children with unforgettable experiences and a lot of joy. We will have the opportunity to see and touch real animals, not only domestic but also exotic ones. At the end of the meeting, we will do an artwork. We will create a colorful parrot using paints, plasticine and colorful feathers.

We invite!

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