October 13 - OPEN DAY at PC Pruszków

On Saturday, October 13 at At 10.00 we invite you to the kindergarten in Pruszków for an open day combined with adaptation classes for future preschoolers aged 1 to 4 years.

On that day, the little ones will invite two squirrels to play, willing to jump, to which they will also encourage their guests. Together with the children, they will take part in a musical game to the song "Poleczka", the aim of which will be to develop musical ear and sense of rhythm. Then the children will help the squirrels to gather supplies for the hollow, developing motor skills and the ability to respond to a break in music. During the next game, each child will be able to make a newspaper ball and roll it to the designated goal, improving hands and fingers. At the end, the little ones will use felt-tip pens to color the balloon and glue it with colorful elements. Ceramic classes and clay games will be an additional attraction of this day.

We invite!

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